About us

I work incessantly for changing myself and exercising my conscience. But since it is a very difficult thing, I entertain traveling the world with a nomadic heart and telling what happens to me.

I firmly believe that everyone's dreams can be fulfilled and that we are made to be happy. (I am! And for the moment, they are fulfilled…) But it is only achieved if we open our eyes well and strive to humbly recognize what is happening in us. Life is wonderful! And whoever says otherwise, to write to me.

I have special interest in social movements, linguistics, collaborative and/or sustainable enterprises, animal conservation and anthropological philosophy. Ah! And… I am celiac (gluten-free diet).

I really love everything about reality, hence my tireless search and curiosity. Although I am convinced that life brings me more than I bring to her, my obsession is that every minute of my life, whatever I do, makes sense. But, as the greatest say: I try to reason exclusively to promote the art of living.

I think that the one who is willing to be uncomfortable in front of others is not only the bravest, but is the one who comes higher and grows faster.

All this makes me feel a living man. And hopefully I can inspire others to know themselves and to look at reality in a new way.


Don't be afraid to contact me for anything. Comments, AIDS or discussions of all kinds are always welcome! I am open to any feedback that will grow! Dialogue is always the key.

INSTAGRAM: @ignaescribano
FACEBOOK: @unhombrevivo
EMAIL: ignaescribano@gmail.com
WHATSAPP: + 34 607401235 (I was annoyed in HongKong, sorry)


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